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A cleaner and greener tomorrow One House at the time

Hemspan's mission is to disrupt conventional construction. Combining modern methods, technology and hemp to produce net zero carbon solutions

Building with Hemp

Hemspan designs and develops bio-based building systems and products for construction, changing the methods, practice and approach to creating and building beautiful, sustainable structures.

  • DESIGN, MANUFACTURE & DELIVER NET-ZERO CARBON HOMES By developing hemp-based building systems capable of mass production, Hemspan will set the benchmark for net-zero carbon performance in construction. The adoption of hemp to reduce carbon emissions will help accelerate the growth of modern methods of building.

  • SETTING THE BENCHMARK Working with engineering and distribution partners, Hemspan aims to ensure bio-based materials are a viable and preferable option in the industry, providing durable and energy-efficient solutions to become the premier choice in future buildings.

  • SUPPORTING UK HEMP FARMING By developing hemp-based building products, Hemspan supports UK farmers, local manufacturing and meet the growing demands of providing more construction options to build environmentally conscious homes.

Together with Cibus21 who will make sure that all future transportation needs are carried out in a green and lean solution within an existing network of trucking facilities.

A partnership that brings multiple industries to work together and have individual solutions combined to create a stronger and cleaner circular impact.

for more information on Hemspan and their products follow the link below:

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