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The Science behind CIBUS21

Enhanced Combustion - Internationally patents pending Technology


Diesel Engine

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Exhaust Gas

Heater Glow Plug

Combustion Chamber

Charge Air and Propane mix


Gas introduced here

Vehicle vacuum take off



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How Does The System Work?

The heart of the system is the Cibus21 Green control unit, a unique, internationally patents pending technology, which works in harmony with the engine's own Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

The system monitors the amount of diesel burnt by the engine in normal use. A minimum amount of reagent necessary to create the maximum improvement in combustion efficiency is then introduced. This "Enhanced Combustion" releases more energy from the fuel with the immediate effect of less fuel being required.

The increased output generated by Enhanced Combustion is registered by the engine's ECU. Then the ECU responds by reducing the diesel supply, so that the performance drops back to its normal parameters. This means that the engine's ECU stays in control and continues to operate the vehicle within its normal performance limits.

the Sciece
Increased performance with lower emissions and improved fuel economy

Enhanced Combustion is fundamentally different to fuel replacement, whereas the majority of dual fuel systems operate on the principal of replacing 30-40% of Diesel fuel with a cheaper secondary fuel to create a fuel saving, the CIBUS21 system is a fuel saving, range-extending and harmful exhaust emissions reduction control technology targeted at heavy-duty diesel engines through the principal of Enhanced Combustion.

A simple bolt on solution /

Installed by Licensed Engineers

Installations are carried out by accredited gas technicians who are fully trained diesel fitters and/or automotive electricians.

The key components of the system are all of OEM quality and specially designed for these applications. All components comply with the strictest regulations and certifications. The Cibus21 System is a fully self contained unit, mounted on the host vehicle.


  • Logistic company HGV 

  • Refuse and delivery vehicles in urban settings – emissions and efficiency gains

  • Military vehicles – operational and strategic mobility as well as performance gains. 

  • Generators.

  • Construction and mechanical handling plant.

  • Marine engines – (not yet trialled)

  • Mining Industry

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Liquid Petroleum Gas

  • Any secondary gaseous fuel can be used as the reagent, including: Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Methane. For convenience, the system currently uses Liquid Petroleum Gas / Propane.

  • The automotive use of LPG/Propane has an excellent International safety record.

  • All the components used are from leading branded suppliers and the work is carried out to the highest regulatory standards.

  • The enhancement effect itself is inherently safe, due to the small amount of gas being used - all it is used for is to make the diesel burn better.

  • The CiBUS21 Technology fitted to a diesel engine will automatically default to diesel only in the event of any malfunctions in the LPG/Propane system.

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