A radical evolution of the combustion chemistry in existing compression-ignition engines to bring the carbon footprint of today's engines below that of electric vehicle, mile for mile




IMAGINE having a way of stopping the environmentally destructive impact of the diesel engine on the planet today?

IMAGINE this can be done to all diesel cars, trucks, trains and ships on the planet today with minimal effort today?

Cibus21 have the proven technology, ready to go, today

We want to make a real difference, how about you?  

15% minimum  
reduction in diesel consumption

Extensive testing in the United Kingdom over 10 years.

Simply put, the bigger the engine and the lower the RPM , the better the results.

Today, we have HGV trucks running with consistent fuel savings at the 15% mark. 

Independent testing has shown that the chemistry is capable of reducing diesel consumption by 42% within months

83% proven reduction in NOx emissions

Nitrous Oxide (NOx) is created when diesel fuel burns at temperatures around 600 Degrees Centigrade.

In a diesel engine, the fuel normally burns at 600 Degrees Centigrade resulting in significant NOx emission under normal operating conditions.

By installing Cibus21 patented equipment, the burn temperature is reduced with a proven massive 83% reduction in NOx emissions.

35% average reduction in CO2 emissions

As the diesel fuel is burned more efficiently and consumption reduces, the C02 emissions tumble on average by 35%. 

At the same time, the toxic Particulate Matter (PM) emissions are virtually eliminated.




The concept of using hydrocarbon gas injection to improve the combustion of diesel was a "Eureka" moment for Gary McMahon 10 years ago after 8 years of practical chemistry work.

The concept has been formalised, patented and full tested in real world trials covering many thousand road miles . Are you ready to come on this journey?


Our vision could not be simpler - we have the technology to do something sensible with existing engines that will make a massive, positive contribution to every nation around the globe that strives to end the climate emergency with a proven, scaleable solution that is available today.


It is straight forward technology and ready to install. We have a Patented enhanced hydrocarbon fuel injection process that injects small mounts of LPG directly into the diesel engine air intake to fundamentally change the chemistry of the combustion process.



Fuel Cracking Technologies Ltd

trading as CIBUS21


Nick Roemer (Marketing & Sales)

+44 (0) 79 4335 3140

Registered Office

The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool L3 9QJ


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